Virtual Reality Apps

Technology is amazing. These days, people don’t have to leave their homes to experience places that they have never been to or to engage with individuals they have never met. By simply downloading an app, you could take better photos, meet more people or even see new places. Here are five of the latest technology updates that will help you take virtual reality to the next level- all you’ll need is your phone and a simple headset.

The Latest Virtual Reality Apps to enrich your VR Experience:




How would you like to make your way up the World Trade Center from the comfort of home? Maybe even take a short tour around Pluto while you’re at it? These are some of the original videos that the New York Times virtual store has, and you can view them by simply getting their app from the store.

Jaunt Player

 Virtual Reality Apps

Jaunt Player is a great VR app for those who like to get the full VR experience in news and culture. Covering everything from music and sports to film and travel. The videos in this app are diverse and enhanced with proprietary stereoscopic 3D enhancements.

Orbulus Special Edition

 Virtual Reality Apps

Orbulus is a user-content driven app. It allows people to get 360-degree shots of areas while listening to sounds or music of their choice. To use Orbulus, select a ‘bubble’ from the gallery, then tilt your head to the sides to zoom in and out of the ‘bubble.’

Google Street View

 Virtual Reality Apps

Google Maps are great for letting us know where we are. On the other hand, Google Street View lets us look into downtown Chicago or a spot in Venice from your phone.

YouTube VR

VR Apps

YouTube is home to the largest collection of VR videos. To experience, simply look up the YouTube 360 Channel. You could also watch normal YouTube videos in VR mode, but this might not be as fun. This is one of the better Virtual Reality Apps out there.


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