laptop for college

College is just around the corner. If you’re heading to college or university, now might be the time to start shopping around for the right laptop. But before you look up the latest gadget news and head off to the nearest shop to get one, here are five things to consider before choosing the right laptop for college.

5More Portable Laptops usually make better Companions

Carrying about 4 or 5 pounds on your back as you move around campus might be a bit uncomfortable, so shop for lighter, thinner and overall more portable alternatives when looking for your laptop. Don’t sacrifice screen size though. Students need 13-inch laptops to work comfortably, while 15-inch ones might be better for those who’ll need to do photo editing.

4Durability Matters

Durability, in this case, covers both the battery life and the laptop life (for those who have a slight problem with maintaining delicate machines). When you’re heading to college, a laptop with a battery life of about six hours is necessary; one with eight to nine hours of life is preferable. There are also laptops out there for those whose laptops might need some extra care not to break or get damaged.

3Storage isn’t a big deal

Having 256GB or 128GB of internal storage isn’t a big deal when you’ll be streaming your media and doing assignments only, so don’t sweat it when buying a laptop.

22-in-1s are great options when you need them

If you want flexibility and a touchscreen, 2-in-1s are the way to go. You’ll need them if you plan on taking notes or drawing when standing, or if you just love that technology.

1Buying a Laptop isn’t always cheaper on Campus

When you’re ready to buy a laptop, look up gadget news and make sure you’re getting the best offers. Shopping on campus could be pricier than ordering one online or buying from stores such as Best Buy.

Bonus tip: make sure whatever you buy has a warranty, and know all the ins and outs of the cover- it might save you some future trouble.

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