Instagram is a must-have for trendy people these days, you can look it up on any tech news sites. With Instagram, you can look up new ideas, advertise your products and even build your network. Here are seven photo editing apps that will help you gain more followers in no time.

Best Photo Editing apps as ranked by tech news sites

Adobe Photoshop

If you want clean, professional, well-touched photographs, then using Photoshop is the way to go. Photoshop is a premium photo editing service that lets you retouch photos, add images and do advanced editing on any photos.

Photo Editor

From Aviary, Photo Editor is a cheaper, easier-to-use alternative to Photoshop. With it, you can retouch images and throw in some overlays while you’re at it.


VSCO Cam is a smaller version of Instagram. The two apps have a lot of features in common including their limited capability to highlight and add shadows to photographs, as well as use add-ons and filters with them.


Snapseed is the photo editing brainchild of Google. The app comes with 11 categorized filters and 9 editing tools, including a healing feature to erase blemishes, all tailored towards making your photo editing experience painless and fun.


Pixlr collects the strengths of Instagram and VSCO and takes them to the next level. Where the social media-like apps use filters. Pixlr allows you to make your own filters. Where they focus on brightening, darkening and removing blemishes, Pixlr does that and adds specials like pixelating options.


As far as photo editing apps go, Over is a unique one. It doesn’t let you change your image. However, it does let you do cool stuff like layer pre-existing words/ phrases or other images over your own.


Wordswag is an updated version of Over. With over, the user has to use the app’s own images and words to layer photos. Wordswag, on the other hand, lets you make up your own overlays and put them over an existing photo.

Upgrade your Instagram by using any of these seven apps today!

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