Ai used in gaming

Artificial intelligence moved a step up after Elon Musk-Backed Open AI Startup defeated Dota 2‘s Top Players in an esport match. The latest technology updates come as a surprise as many people think that bots are inferior to humans when it comes to traditional games. The bot defeated the Dota 2 champion player Danylo in two back-to-back demonstration matches.

Musk hailed this achievement on his Twitter handle saying this was an astounding achievement for the AI for the traditional games. Defense of the ancient 2, commonly referred to as DOTA 2 is an online multiplayer arena (MOBA). The players in the game control dozens of characters in fighting, collecting items, and taking control of the territory. This is one of the most competitive e-sports games.

 What does this mean for the future of competitive gaming?

The quality of the sport will be changed

Most of the online competitive games involve anonymous players competing against each other. With the introduction of the AI into the arena, it is expected that the game will be more competitive and tougher to crack even for the superb.

Cheating may be prevalent in future competitive games

Cheating is rarer in competitive online gaming where strategy is involved. Unfortunately, when players get hold of the AI, it might end up being a battle for the AIs and the real players watching behind the scenes. Some of the players will look at ways to cheat by using AI when playing with human players.  This means better software will have to be employed to detect bots and human players, something that has not been fully implemented by gaming centers around.

AI will spoil the show for game enthusiasts

AI will become the spoiler for competitive esports competition. Given the speed and the accuracy of AI solving strategy issues, the games will be finished faster than ever. This will kill the thrill of the online gaming. Being able to think, plan, strategize, and execute the plans is where all the fun is. Making mistakes creates the motivation to go on. If such is not available, the game will lose its spark.

The future online gaming arena will be filled with AI even as many organizations voice their concerns on the need to regulate the technology. Tech news sites are waiting to see what other games AI will beat the humans now and in the future.

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