Science Olympiads have always been a great way for students to put their learning to the test, and it was no different at this year’s Psifi Science Olympiad. The Psifi Olympiad, which took place between January 13th and 16th, was won by delegates from the Aitchison College.

What is the LUMS Psifi Competition?

The LUMS Psifi competition is an array of challenges that test the ability of students to use logically diagnose and problems using science. Each year the Lahore University of Management Sciences organizes the Olympiad to test the science and engineering of students within various Pakistani colleges and university.

The 2018 competition marked the ninth time LUMs hosted the Psifi Olympiad. The idea behind the function was that students have fun and at the same time learn something new about science and its applications.

It was a ‘Feast of Fun’

Organizers of the LUMS Psifi challenge this year had promised that the event would be packed with fun activities, and it was.

The multi-day event was filled with gaming and Vined Up sessions designed to ensure student delegates had the most memorable three days of their life. Engaging challenges that put the diagnostic and logical reasoning skills of each delegate to the test also made up a significant part of the Psifi IX.

Delegates went through a number of challenges all judges and supervised by students from the hosting institution. Among the most interesting challenges in the lineup were the Tour de Mind and Tech Wars competitions. Tour de Mind was a real-life Snakes and Ladders with rolling dice and trivia questions determining the movement of one team member, the ‘pawn.’ Tech Wars put delegates’ photo-shopping skills to the test in a battle of ‘who can make the best tech memes?’

The final challenge was a Diagnostic dilemma called the, wait for it, Zombie Apocalypse! Students in each group were tasked with retrieving ‘bullets’ (toffees) from a ‘corpse’ (dummy) without ‘damaging organs’ (bursting balloons) and with the threat of random ‘zombie’ (students from hosting school) attacks on their heads.

At the end of each challenge, points were racked up and eventually, the winners were announced as the delegates from Aitchison College. Thumbs up to them.



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