Oreo andoriod

According to tech news sites, Android Oreo was first released in March to developers. After a few months in beta, Google has finally announced that it will be available fully to Google device users. Over the years Google has given snack-related code names to new Android releases. This time they didn’t disappoint either. The O stands for Oreo, yes that delicious sandwich cookie.

The enhancements are geared to make your Android last longer, act smarter, and do more. Here are the features to expect

Better sound quality

Bluetooth earbuds are growing more popular with users. Google has made audio quality enhancements in Oreo to help you transition smoothly from headphone ports to Bluetooth earbuds.

Longer battery life

It’s frustrating when your phone goes off in the middle of the day and you are unable to charge it. Oreo is designed to prevent apps from wasting precious charge on your phone. Oreo cuts off location updates, background services, and broadcasts. This helps your device last longer.

Notifications control

Oreo has a new feature called Notification Channels. This feature is designed to help you customize notifications from apps. With this feature you can block notifications that are less-useful to your daily routine. Oreo lets you change the colour of notifications. Another much-anticipated feature is the notification dots. This notifies you on the apps you need to check.

Camera app

With previous versions of android you could only switch between modes. It has a button for switching between video and photo modes. It has a camera button that appears to the left of the record button that helps you switch between photo mode and video mode.

Picture-in-picture framework

Every time you are watching a video on your phone, you have to completely stop it when you want to do something else on your phone and then restart it. This is a necessary evil you have had to live with. Oreo provides an alternative in its picture-in-picture mode. This feature allows users to continue watching videos and navigate elsewhere on their phone. The latest gadget news report that the screen appears to be tiny because it is split halfway but it is way better than the alternative.

Other features of Oreo

Other important features include:

  • Autofill support- The new Autofill APIs is designed to help users select their own data-storing and password apps. This acts as autofill
  • Keyboard inputs- Oreo allows developers to improve keyboard navigation. This comes in handy when navigating through games and apps.
  • Pixel boot screen- “powered by Android’ now appears on the screen when you boot Pixel devices.
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