Wall Street Trader: Bitcoin’s Lightning Network ‘Pulled Me in’

Bond sector veteran Nik Bhatia suggests that with Lightning, Bitcoin (BTC) has develop into an unparalleled asset by combining a retailer of price with medium-of-exchange scale and pace.

This recognition prompted him to give up his previous get the job done for an institutional asset manager buying and selling United States Treasuries on Wall Street, as he outlined in a website put up on Nov. 18.

“Unprecedented in human history”

Bhatia is now an adjunct professor of finance and economics at the USC Marshall University of Business, whose involvement in Bitcoin has considering that evolved to incorporate a study function at Bitcoin payments stack developer OpenNode.

In his article, Bhatia several periods underscores the just about ungraspable distinction in the scale of the two money worlds he has inhabited. Back when he 1st encountered the cryptocurrency in 2016, he writes:

“Bitcoin experienced fewer than $20 billion in complete price. I, a comparatively small participant in the bond sector, was turning over $20 billion in Treasuries in just a number of months.”

Important to closing this gap — to bring Bitcoin’s adoption to a amount that can rival the Federal Reserve’s processing of $767 trillion by means of its wire process in one particular calendar year — Bhatia focuses on the performance that Lightning Community brings to the cryptocurrency.

As formerly reported, the Lightning Community is a 2nd-layer option to Bitcoin’s scalability limits, opening payment channels involving end users that continue to keep the bulk of transactions off-chain, turning to the underlying blockchain only to history the web effects.

Recognizing the possible of Bitcoin’s electronic shortage (and its resulting retail outlet-of-worth attributes) when combined with the performance of Lightning-enabled speedy transaction settlement prompted Bhatia to resolutely convert his back on his erstwhile Wall Road occupation. He writes:

“Bitcoin’s provide timetable in the beginning hooked me, but Lightning was the drive that was pulling me in […]  a retailer-of-benefit asset exhibiting medium-of-exchange currency pace and scale is unprecedented in human heritage, and value pursuit.”

Electronic Gold — and micropayments

Before this month, investor Tim Draper singled out improvements these kinds of as the Lightning Network and OpenNode would be crucial in propelling the Bitcoin rate higher, reaffirming his perception that BTC/USD would strike $250,000 by 2022 or 2023. He said

“It’s simply because of Lightning Community and OpenNode and it’s possible other individuals that are enabling us to devote Bitcoin incredibly freely and promptly, so that it’s not just a retail outlet of value but it can be used for micropayments.”


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