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So by now the news of destiny 2 has settled and all the information is out there for all the fans to read. There is one new subclass similar to the Taken King expansion and the thought that this game feels like just another destiny 1 expansion does not stop there.

First things to mention is that destiny 1 hardly ever got a proper expansion other than the taken king. All other “expansions” were either part of the original game locked away or were so small on content that

they did not justify their price at that time. It was widely accepted that The Taken King expansion was the first enhancement of the game we got that was not already pre developed as part of the vanilla game. So lets remember what we got in that expansion; 1 new sub class, new light mechanics, new guns, new location, new crucible and some tweaks to the system. The major problems with nightfall match making and raid matchmaking that have plagued destiny 1 from the start were not fixed. They added things like the artifact and expanded the games functionality the first time since its release. So in the conventional sense of the word … it was an expanded universe with new game play. Unlike the previous and later ones which were more like an episode.

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So lets see what we get in destiny 2. Well they finally managed to fix the issues with matchmaking which had locked the best content of the game out for 40% of the player base. However they could have done this in destiny 1 as well since they fixed the broken light upgrade system. There are new locations and to be fair there are 3-4 new worlds to explore. There is just one new subclass and no new major class to play with. The gun mechanics have been changed but it is yet to be seen if they improve game play or not.

Fans were expecting new classes to play and most certainly all new sub classes along with new weapon types and a much larger universe to explore. As we have been constantly told since the rumors started. We were also told that destiny 2 would be a lot different from destiny 1 in the terms of game play. We would see a lot more MMO features. Instead we now have “gun mods” … that’s the only new feature they have added in 3 years. The game is still very much similar to destiny 1 however a bit more polished.

Desitny 2
The ruined Destiny 2 world you inhabit.


To be fair destiny 2 is looking like a far more refined and fixed game compared to the broken state destiny 1 came out as. Both in story and game play. Given that it just feels like a very large expansion than a whole new game that we had to discard all our loot for. Nothing in the game play has changed so dramatically that they couldn’t tweak the weapon and armor from before and give us fans a sense of continuation. It might become a very good expansion but a move toward more MMO features it is not. However having said all that. We are still hoping that destiny 2 has some secrets locked away that that will impress us when the game launches. As currently this doesn’t feel like the game we have been waiting for for the last three years.

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