Elon Musk says Neuralink can 'solve' autism with a brain chip. We call BS

Elon Musk‘s back again on the podcast scene and resulting in mayhem as standard. Instead of smoking cigarettes cannabis with Joe Rogan – an exercise which is illegal at the federal level, the place Musk retains a security clearance – he’s creating outlandish claims about the abilities of a brain chip in improvement by his neuro-tech startup Neuralink.

On Lex Fridman’s “Artificial Intelligence” podcast, Musk not too long ago stated that Neuralink will ‘solve’ specified brain ailments. This is a assert that may well be too daring, even for Elon. He explained to Fridman:

So Neuralink I assume at 1st will fix a great deal of brain-connected ailments. So could be just about anything from, like, autism, schizophrenia, memory decline — like, everyone activities memory decline at particular points in age. Dad and mom can not don’t forget their kids’ names and that variety of thing.

There is only one difficulty: autism is not a ailment and it just cannot be remedied or solved. In truth, there is some ethical debate in the health-related community in excess of irrespective of whether autism, which is deemed a ailment, must be dealt with as section of a person’s identity and not a ‘condition’ to be fastened.

There is also no indicator that threading wires into our brains that connect to an exterior chip that permits us to interface with units would direct to a ‘cure’ for mental sicknesses these types of as schizophrenia. So much, Neuralink‘s tech has been explained as anything nearer to a Bluetooth actuator that operates on mind alerts. In essence, you’d feel “connect” and you’d be logged into you unit, then you’d feel a command like “open Twitter” and your unit would answer as if you’d tapped the display screen.

How this translates to ‘solving’ or ‘curing’ autism or other psychological disorders remains a complete secret. Present-day engineering that makes use of brain implants to deal with situations this sort of as Alzheimer’s disorder depends on managed electrical stimulation, and has nothing to do with human-personal computer interfaces.

Musk, the founder of PayPal, OpenAI, Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink has designed a profession out of pondering huge, coming up with exotic solutions, and then bank-rolling the hell out of them. Most of the time his operate is practically nothing small of spectacular. We’ve all noticed his electric vehicles run circles about tuned-up gasoline speedsters and his spaceships have grow to be an intrinsic section of NASA’s plans. But his hottest statements about Neuralink are his most significant yet, and also the most difficult to swallow.

We’re guaranteed that Neuralink will have a important impression on the earth, and its chips, if the enterprise can provide the interface it’s purported to be operating on, will adjust the way we use pcs and other devices endlessly. How freaking cool would it be to actually begin your Tesla just by wondering?

But, maybe… just maybe, the billionaire with entry to the world’s brightest medical minds who, even following founding a professional medical startup, nevertheless improperly thinks that autism is a condition that can be solved or remedied should not be somebody we rely on to shove wires or chips into our brains.


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