Essential Phone

As the latest Andy Rubin creation, the Essential Phone has a lot of things going for it. In fact, its specs make it one of the best in the Android department as far as gadget news sites are concerned.

Essential Phone

The Good in Essential Phone

Think of a phone that has all the perks of an Android phone but does away with those pesky little extras. It would come in handy. That’s what the latest Essential Phone has to offer. This flagship model comes with the latest Android OS and a Snapdragon chip-set to elevate your app experience. Add that to a 4GB RAM and long battery life, and you’ve got yourself a social media and gaming machine. Storing items should be a breeze with the model’s 128GB internal storage, but that’s as far as the memory can go.

The Essential Phone is also great for running apps; maybe even the best Android phone at the moment. It’s also strong, made of titanium and ceramics, convenient in case of sudden tumbles on the pavement. Put in the fact that the model additionally has a fingerprint sensor for security, and you have an ideal phone. Well, almost.

The main feature of the phone as to be its take on modular design. There are a bunch of smart connectors all over the phone where you can attach accessories like a 360 degree camera. At the moment there is only one developed. So it remains to be seen if the company can come up with more worthwhile ones for people to want to buy this phone. We have seen a similar concept before as well with a phone by LG. However that was dropped after the second version. So this phone is pretty much in the start up phase. It remains to be seen if they can make the modular aspect work or fail like the many others who have tried this before.

Essential Phone

The Bad

Security is a big deal these days, and having a phone with a fingerprint sensor feels great. Having a phone with a sensor that doesn’t work, on the other hand, is concerning. The Essential Phone suffers from that particular drawback.

Gadget news sites list one feature of the Essential Phone that makes it decent, but less competitive than other smartphones. The model has a 13MP dual camera and an 8MP front camera, which might be good enough for selfies but not enough to compete with the iPhone 8 and Galaxy 8 models.

Finally, the Essential Phone doesn’t have wireless charging and isn’t water resistant. Makes one wonder if it’s worth the price.

Essential Phone

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