Ask anyone on the street which electric cars they know and the answer you’re likely to get is Tesla. Most people won’t get into the specific models, but the will recognize the brand. Why? Well, because Elon Musk did a good job of making Tesla the most exclusive electric car in the global market yet. However, if Ferrari’s Sergio Marchionne has his way, the brand consumers will be associating with the eco-conscious luxury vehicles by 2020 will be Ferrari.

‘It’s doable by all of us’

Tesla has had a head start in the electric car production market. Just last year, the company unveiled their Roadster model as well as a semi-electric truck, the first of its kind from the US-based firm. The supercar is set to go into mass production by 2020.

Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Ferrari and Chrysler, sees this as his timeline to get the planned Ferrari electric supercar into the market. Speaking to Bloomberg, Marchionne acknowledged that while Elon Musk might have played an important role in popularizing electric cars, other high-end car manufacturers could also make electric supercars just as exclusive as Tesla’s. “It’s doable by all of us,” Marchionne remarked, speaking at the North American International Auto Show which was held in Detroit.

A Ferrari SUV?

Marchionne also hinted at the possibility that the Italian company would start manufacturing sports utility vehicles soon. This remark was a direct contrast to his past remarks on the subject.

Though Marchionne did not offer a timeline for the production of the Ferrari SUV, he did affirm that the vehicle would have to “look like and drive like a Ferrari.” Ferrari prides itself on the exclusivity of its vehicles. Making a limited-edition branded SUV could, therefore, prove a profitable move for the company.

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