Final Fantasy XII

With all the new games launched every single day, many of them don’t get to age well. What might look great today could end up an eyesore in a few months’ time. In a couple of years, the most innovative gameplay could become cumbersome and dated. That is not the case with Final Fantasy XII.

Good thing that the newly released Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age manage to stay away from these common pitfalls. Square Enix re-mastered this latest chapter of Japan’s long-running role playing game series, with improvements made during the process. Considering that Final Fantasy XII is originally released back in 2006 during the end of the lifespan of PlayStation 2. It is safe to say that it still fairs well up to this day and age.


The Heroes in Final Fantasy XII

Instead of focusing on a single hero, this time around, you can expect an ensemble cast composed of 6 heroes who work together to free Dalmasca, the desert nation, from Archadian Empire. Fran, Balthier, Vaan, Ashe, Basch, and Penelo all come from various walks of life.

Ashe and Basch are part of Resistance that fights the Empire. Penelo and Vaan are street kids who got entangled in political intrigue and Fran and Balthier are sky pirates with a desire to make profit.

The plot as a whole echoes Star Wars, wherein Balthier is the swarthy rogue with Fran being his furry sidekick. Basch and Vaan are somewhat connected. Vaan’s brother died while trying to defend Dalmasca under the rule of Basch, who happens to be a Dalmascan knight. In spite of the similarities, Final Fantasy XII is trying to forge its very own path with some surprising twists you will discover along the way.

Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XII


Notable Changes to Watch Out For

The basic building blocks of the narrative are just fine, yet it is obvious that the developers took major strides in re-mastering the game. They grab the project as the perfect chance to fix the different flaws that have long been associated with it.

You will notice the grander tone and bolder sound of the re-orchestrated score. This time, the music is livelier and not plain flat. There is also a minimap created to guide players as they move around the expansive world. To lessen the grinding and travel time, they also added an option of doubling the speed. As the characters walk across the terrain and fight with the monsters. These upgrades in the quality of life make this big game even more amazing.

Game Re-Mastered

Larger improvements come in the character progression system of the Zodiac. The game still gives the players the freedom of molding all their heroes while allowing them to choose how they will do it. They also get to choose two classes for every character, with every class represented by a specific zodiac sign.

The re-mastering of the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is proof that certain games stand the test of time and that upon aging, they give off a peculiar intersection of modernity and nostalgia. Indeed, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has succeeded in becoming a timeless game.

Final Fantasy XII

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