Fitbit For Cows

Tech in Pakistan is undergoing new developments day by day. ‘Fitbit for cows’, a unique idea addressing a very pressing need has come under the tutelage of Y Combinator, a renowned venture funding program. The idea is going to be a part of Y Combinator’s winter ’17 batch. But, before we move on to this, first we need to know what is ‘fitbit for cows’ and what is Y Combinator, then it would be understandable why the news given above is a big thing.

What is ‘Fitbit for Cows’?

This is a wearable which provides a tech solution to the farmers’ biggest concern i.e. to increase yields. Through this unique innovation, farmers would be able to get more milk from their cattle. This is a revolutionary innovation, specifically for Pakistan, as dairy farming is one of the biggest industries here. As per the stats around 42 billion liters of milk are produced annually. While there are 63 million animals producing this milk, and there are more than eight million households involved with the trade. The country stands fourth among the highest milk producing countries in the world. So, back to the question, what is ‘fitbit for cows’ actually?

It is a wearable introduced by Cowlar, the company which kicked off in Pakistan and now is headquartered in California. This wearable, watches over the behavior and temperature of the animals through its motion-sensing trackers. This wearable gives solution to the issue of inability to detect the temperature of the cows. When the cows are in heat, it means they are ready to yield milk, when they are not inseminated at this time, the mil production goes down.

This innovation has the potential to increase the milk yields by 15 percent.

Y Combinator

Though, Y combinatory needs no introduction anymore, here is a little information about the program. This program which provides seed funding to startups. This is the venture funding at the initial most stage. Y combinatory helps a startup to pass through this initial phase and the fact is most companies do not even need any help after this phase. Also, the funding is not just about money. In most of the cases it is not at all about the money.

Why Is It a Big News?

Fitbit for cows becoming a part of Y combinator is a big news. As you are aware now of the latter and the position it holds in the world of businesses. It is huge for any startup to be accepted in the Y Combinator. Furthermore, Cowlar is the second ever Pakistani startup to be accepted by the Y Combinator, the first being Markhor, a fashion startup.

The Cowlar’s wearable is going to be helpful not only in Pakistan but also in emerging countries like Mexico, India, and Vietnam. As dairy farming industry in these countries is also huge. There has been a demand in UD, Vietnam and Mexico for this innovation.

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