As the market for bitcoin alternatives grow, the cryptocurrency faithful are left to wonder what direction to take. In 2017 alone, over 100 virtual currencies penetrated the digital currency market. 2018 is set to be a great year to launch virtual currencies, or at least that is what the investors behind one of the newest cryptocurrency in the market think. Starting on March 1st, the creators behind Fitrova will be releasing the specialized bitcoin alternative to the open market. That being said, what is the story behind this virtual currency? Read this Fitrova review to find out.

Fitrova and the Health and Fitness Industry

Fitrova and its FRV tokens, according to the Fitrova Whitepaper, will be sold in several rounds. The Pre-ICO round, which will see 8 billion coins put on the market each at a 50% discount, will take place from March 1st. The ICO round will take place in four steps with discounts being offered at 45%, 35%, 30% and 25% respectively. An additional 24 billion coins will be available in this round with a combined total of 32 billion coins. If you’re a virtual currency enthusiast, then you’re probably asking whether this coin be worth investing in.

At first glance, it seems like a pretty standard investment. The coin belongs to the Ethereum family of virtual currencies. Its ERC-20 technology allows for smart contracting and secure transactions, like many cryptocurrencies already flooding the market. However, with all these similarities to other coins, are FRV tokens going to be able to compete effectively in the bitcoin alternative market?

The answer is that it seems probable. Fitrova, for one, takes advantage of the market niche in the fast-growing health and fitness industry. Once operational, the coin will allow health and fitness clubs to keep track of their member’s plans and billings, which is something the industry desperately needs. That means that there is no lack of market there. Furthermore, unlike most other coins, Fitrova could perhaps be a good investment because it is an endorsed brand. Clubs such as World Gym, LA Fitness, and Fitness First have already signed up for the deal.

With virtual currency, however, the only sure way to tell one that is worth spending money on is with time. The same goes for Fitrova.

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