Virtual Reality

Two decades ago, couples met in bars, through mutual friends, in schools they both attended among many other places. By then, the internet wasn’t as popular as it is today. Sites like Tinder and OkCupid were only a thing of the imagination by then. Fast forward to today. How do people date? A vast majority of couples admit to having met on online dating sites and apps. In fact, about only one in every ten adults in the US have not tried online dating according to the online dating tech news sites. However, as people get more and more discontent about swiping to find potential matches, online dating sites are in danger of being eclipsed by a more convenient and efficient dating method: virtual reality. Yes, you heard us right. Its laughable right now … but so was a concept like tinder 20 years ago.

Virtual Reality in Dating Today

Do a moonwalk in space. Stride below the Eiffel Tower holding hands with your partner. Jump in a 360 photograph with your date. These are just a few of the dating scenarios you can have today, courtesy of virtual reality. By simply wearing a screen close enough to your eyes to seem completely real, you can travel to any part of the world to have a date. And the best part is that location no longer matters. Online dating sites match you with people in your location. With VR, you can meet anyone anywhere.

Virtual Reality in Dating: The Future

Online dating firm eHarmony predicts that by 2040, about 70% of the world’s population will be dating online. VR dating will be so advanced that it will engage all your senses when going on a date. You won’t just ‘see’ and ‘hear’ your partner like you do today. You’d be able to smell their fragrance, taste the food you’re served, even ‘touch’ your date. If tech news sites are right and worldwide VR dating becomes a reality, people won’t need to meet their other halves face to face. They could, after all, do all the things we do on normal dates- chat and gauge reactions etc – all from the comfort of their homes.


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