A flurry of leaks of the Galaxy Note 8, the phone that is poised to save Samsung’s lackluster year, have already told us a lot. So we know that the phone will be launched on August 23rd. We also know a lot about the design of the phone and the fact that it’ll have a dual camera system, decreased bezels. We know that it’ll likely come with a curved, 6.3-inch screen, a Snapdragon 835 or 836 processor, 6GB RAM and an updated S Pen.

So what do we know about the Note 8 so far ?

However, there are two mistakes that might upend the table for Samsung and Apple, the leading smartphone giants all clamoring for greater market share with cutting edge products.

At stake are billions of dollars in profit and bragging rights as the premier phone manufacturer in a crowded field.

For Samsung, the mistake that might end up being its Achilles heel is information that the company has abandoned its efforts to put a fingerprint sensor that would sit under the glass. This would be a novelty in the market and give the Note 8 bragging rights of being the first phone with such technology. However, renders of Note 8 cases show that the cutout at the back is big enough for dual cameras, a flash, and a fingerprint sensor.

This means that the Note 8 will not have the rumored invisible fingerprint sensor.With the first mover advantage of new technology in peril, Samsung has one ace up its sleeve that might still make the Note 8 one of its most successful phone launches ever. Unless something drastic happens, the new iPhones will be announced in September. This means that the Note 8 will have two weeks of coverage and accessibility in the market before the new iPhone launches. This will also be before the Berlin IFA consumer electronics show.

This means that the Note 8 will have the opportunity to set the 2017 smartphone standard.

Notably, Apple will only be fighting back with the weaker iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, instead of the iPhone 8, the company’s tenth-anniversary phone.This battle appears to be Samsung’s to lose, seeing that a brand-new phone with weaker competition in the critical first 4-6 weeks sales window will burn through the competition. This will likely make the South Korean giant happy, seeing the chaos their flagship phone caused last year. Samsung is eager to make up for lost time and recoup its losses while building up its damaged brand.

With all this in mind, it is also worth considering that Apple is also working on moving its fingerprint sensor from the home button. Whether this will be at the rear of the iPhone or under the glass (much to Samsung’s chagrin) is yet to be known. If Apple succeeds where Samsung has failed, this could be the extra boost that will propel the company to the top of the mountain. At the moment, Samsung has forged ahead and is close to capturing a commanding lead in the market.

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