With millions of smartphones up for sale, phone making companies have to create models with the latest technology updates to stay relevant. Samsung aimed for just that with its new Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8

What’s New with the Galaxy Note 8?

Over the years, Samsung has wowed its users with its S and Note lines. While the two have many things in common, one factor that always differentiated the two lines was the size. Usually, the S series ran up to 5.5″ in length while the Note edged in on 6″. The Samsung Note 8, however, is larger and badder than its predecessors, with a length width ratio of 18.5:9 and a length of 6.3”.

Also interesting is that Samsung decided to try out a few of the latest technology updates in hardware. For one, this model has a dual camera at the back. On its own, it’s a pretty cool feature. Added to the fact that it’s 12MP and equipped with its own zooming lens, it’s a no-brainer for any person who loves photography. However the implementation of the second camera is not as good as Apples. The zoomed image come out a bit soft.


Additionally, the Galaxy Note 8 goes all in with its memory. The model’s internal storage is pretty basic- phones with 64GB storage are as routine as they come these days. However, the Galaxy Note 8 is the first of Samsung’s smartphones to have 6GB RAM, up from the 4GB of its predecessors. Greater RAM is convenient enough to handle the phone’s sophisticated applications.

Finally (saved the best for last), the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is sleeker, bigger, and more compact than other smartphones on the market. The phone’s virtual home button means that users have a wider screen to work with. Its steeply sloped sides and curvature makes it easy to handle despite its size. Reaching the finger print scanner is reported as an issue for most people with one hand. Its always on screen along with the S pen packs a lot of features.

Galaxy Note 8


All in all, the Note 8 is a good choice for anyone on the market for a smartphone. It’s a good-looking phone with great software updates, and cool features like off-line note-taking screen. However, sublime features like the Note 8’s don’t come cheap.

Galaxy Note 8



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