Google Dex language simplifies array math for machine learning


Engineers at Google have unveiled Dex, a prototype useful language created for array processing. Array processing is a cornerstone of the math used in device mastering purposes and other computationally intense do the job.

The main purpose for the Dex language, in accordance to a paper released by Google scientists, is to enable programmers to get the job done effectively and concisely with arrays applying a compact, functional syntax.

Current math-and-stats languages and libraries, these kinds of as MATLAB and NumPy, now have greatly utilised array processing procedures and syntaxes, as do a lot more common reason languages these as Fortran and C. But the paper’s authors were being unsatisfied with the “obfuscated” sense of the previous and the “heaviness” of the latter.

Dex, patterned just after the Haskell and ML relatives of languages, utilizes variety data to make crafting code for processing arrays equally succinct and specific. Introductory Dex examples show how the sort program performs with the two frequent values (integers and reals) and arrays. Other examples exhibit how to categorical frequent issues this sort of as estimating pi or plotting a Mandelbrot fractal.

Like Python or the R language, Dex can run prewritten programs from the CLI, interactively in a REPL, or by way of a notebook-design and style interface. The current prototype supports all 3 modes.

Dex utilizes the LLVM language-compiler framework, which powers lots of common-purpose languages like Rust and Swift. LLVM is also proving beneficial for developing area-certain languages, or DSLs—languages intended to relieve the handling of a deliberately smaller established of jobs. Other LLVM-powered DSL projects for computational function include DLVM, a compiler for DSLs utilised in neural networks and Triton, an intermediate language and compiler made use of for tiled neural networks.

Dex is even now early-stage experimental and not formally supported by Google in any potential. The most significant nonetheless-missing piece is integration with other languages, wherever Dex could be used for offloading computationally intensive function (for instance, as libraries like Numba do for Python). The Dex venture, which is certified beneath the BSD 3-clause license, welcomes contributions and collaboration.


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