Harley-Davidson Resumes Livewire Production After Charging Problem

Harley-Davidson has resumed production and deliveries of the significantly-expected and a lot-delayed Livewire, its initially sequence-produced electric model. The enterprise has not get rid of light-weight on the trouble that led it to idle the assembly line for about a week, but it explained it as an isolated incident and included there is nothing to get worried about.

“Temporarily stopping LiveWire output authorized us to validate that the non-conventional issue determined on a single motorcycle was a singular incidence. We just take pride in our arduous top quality assurance measures, and our push to deliver the world’s greatest motorcycles,” a spokesperson for the American company informed The Verge.

Harley vaguely explained the difficulty as a glitch in the final top quality checks, according to Reuters. The firm swiftly requested existing consumers to demand at their nearest dealership, not at house, although it looked into the subject. Concrete details about the difficulty, or what could transpire if buyers continued to use the equipped charger, weren’t offered. Now that creation is underway again, customers are cost-free to plug-in their bicycle at home.

The full Livewire job has not long gone very well for Harley-Davidson. Released at CES 2019, the company’s initial thoroughly electric bicycle has been delayed, and it has obtained in-depth criticism for remaining too pricey, and a slow vendor. All this for a bike that has the expectations of conserving Harley, and bringing young riders to the storied, Milwaukee-centered brand.

Reuters spoke with 40 of the 150 dealerships advertising the bicycle, and it realized bulk of Livewire potential buyers are current Harley riders, not the youthful, hip, and wealthy initially-timers the corporation is hoping to entice. The new riders who inquired about the bicycle dropped curiosity in it immediately after they discovered its expenses as significantly as a properly-outfitted loved ones crossover. “Interest is incredibly high, but after you get to the pricing, curiosity is thrown out the window,” mentioned an income supervisor at a dealership in New Jersey.

There’s a tiny indicator that Harley is prepared to provide special discounts or incentives, in accordance to the same report, presumably for the reason that it put in a fortune establishing a flagship product or service from scratch, and it understandably desires to recoup its financial investment. To include context, lots of the company’s gasoline-powered 2020 bikes start below $20,000.


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