7900X Intel Core i9

The release of Intel’s newest addition to the Skylake X series could not have been timed better. Just when people were excited with Ryzen’s 8-core processor which is their latest technology update, Intel released its latest creation- a high functioning, powerful machine going for the lowest price we’ve seen from the company in years.

Specifications of the Intel Core i9

The Intel Core i9 10-core processor has all the makings of the ideal desktop for all gaming and content creation fanatics. The 10-core, 20-thread CPU comes equipped with L2 cache for all its cores. While this might seem like a step down for Intel given the latest technology updates, it serves another purpose- creating the perfect 1MB support for the CPU’s instruction set.

Intel has always been slow when it comes to giving updates to its tech. This newly unveiled flagship model has been a long time coming, and with good reason. The 10-core model is the first processor from Intel running with i9, an upgrade from the former i7. That, along with the new mesh, expanded core-to-core cache, 44-lane vaunted PCIe connectivity, high memory speed (running at up to 2,666 MHz) and base frequency 4.0 GHz processing speed, makes the 7900X one of the fastest, most high-performing CPU on the market.

Even better, the 10-Core 7900X does what its predecessors couldn’t- it facilitates high multi-core performance without sacrificing single-core performance. Each core runs at 4.0 GHz without expansion. Add Intel’s 14nm technology and Turbo Boost 2.0, and the CPU has two cores running at 4.3 GHz, two at 4.1 GHz and six at the base frequency. The 7900X is even more impressive with Intel’s Turbo Boost Max 3.0, which means each core hits 4.5 GHz. Word of caution though- past that frequency, the processor will skimp on you.

Intel Core i9



Intel has done a great job with this model, creating a powerful high core count (HCC) processor that can withstand great workloads. You can expect a little heat generation and excessive power consumption with this one, but at $999, the i9-7900X is worth it.

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