IOS 11

Apple is known for going the extra mile to optimize its signature operating system, so it’s little wonder that new iOS releases usually cause public excitement. With the pending release of iOS 11, however, this excitement has reached a fever pitch. This time, the rumors say, Apple has really outdone themselves. So, what about this update has people eagerly waiting for fall to roll around? Read on to find out:

 IOS 11

7 Awesome New Features in iOS 11


1. Enhanced messaging and Siri functionality.

IOS 11 will introduce a new iMessage app drawer, the ability to sync messages with iCloud, and the ability to text to Siri. The messaging app will also come packaged with additional screen effects.


2. Better privacy features.

IOS 11 puts power over privacy firmly in the hands of the user. Every time you launch an app with built-in tracking features in iOS 11, you’ll be provided with the option to change its permissions. IOS 11 will also allow you to approve the devices of friends. So that they can access your wifi network, without you having to give them the password.


3. A fully customizable control center.

Say goodbye to Apple’s rigid old three panel control center. With the advent of iOS 11, you’ll be able to adjust the control panel to fit your needs by adding and removing different shortcuts. Apple will also introduce new hidden features to the control center, like a screen recorder function.


4. Fine-tuned storage management.

IOS 11 can be instructed to delete unused apps to free up space. Users will also be able to access storage-saving tips with a single tap.


5. A “Do not disturb while driving” feature.

Once you install iOS 11, your iPhone will be able to automatically detect when you’re in a car and activate a “do not disturb while driving” mode. This will ensure that you’re not distracted by notifications while driving. (Note that you will need to enable this feature before it will work; look under the “do not disturb” settings to find it.)


6. A dark mode for low light conditions.

If you like to use your iPhone or iPad outdoors in the evening, you’re in luck: Apple is debuting a new dark mode that will make all of their devices easier to use when there isn’t a lot of light around.


7. More fun with images.

Apple devices have long been loved for their fabulous built-in cameras. And now you can easily do more with the pictures you take. You can, for instance, make animations out of Live Photos and more easily take, edit, and crop screenshots.



While iOS 11 probably won’t be available before autumn. If you have a spare device, you can test out the recently-released beta version. Just don’t upload it to your main device quite yet. As is common with new releases, Apple is still working out some bugs.


IOS 11

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