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Apple just launched the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. That means you’ve got a choice to make. Should you upgrade, or you should wait?

The challenge comes down to just what you get when you upgrade to an iPhone 8. The phone is almost the same to the iPhone 7 from last year, with very few enhancements. They will surely provide you better performance, but most likely aren’t worth the hundreds of dollars they will cost you. For most reviewers, the iPhone 8 and 8 plus are awkwardly positioned. They’re not noticeably any better than the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, even though they’re about $150 more costly. They don’t symbolize the future of the iPhone, either.

Apple has made it clear that the iPhone X is its new flagship, with all of its latest features. Yet the one thousand dollar phone is a high-priced cost, and won’t be available in the market until next month. Many reviewers made the decision that if you can wait, and have enough money for it, you should hold on for the X. But if you still want to upgrade from iPhone 7 to 8 then here are the reasons that why you should not.

5 Reasons Why You Should not upgrade to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus:

1) Processor:

Let’s start with the processor chip: The iPhone 8 includes the new A11 bionic processor, the best Apple has ever made. It’s a six-core CPU that, according to Apple, contains four high-efficiency and two performance cores.

Apple claims the performance cores work about 25 % quicker than the earlier version and the high-efficiency cores run about 70 % quicker than the previous release.

But here is the point: When is the last time your iPhone 7 really lagged or could not accomplish a job because the processor was very slow? It’s most likely never happened to you because the iPhone 7 is a completely capable phone that can operate Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other apps with ease.

2) Display, Design, and Durability

The iPhone 8 should actually be known as the 7S. Because it looks nearly the same to the iPhones 7, 6S and 6. In comparison to the coming iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus appear and work the same as their 7 predecessors. Each of those has the very same display sizes, normal home buttons, water resistance, as well as, no headphone jacks. The only genuine modification is the backside in the new iPhones 8 are now built of glass. According to Apple, this would make it easy for them to charge wirelessly, but most buyers had flashbacks to the breakable iPhone 4-another iPhone to have a glass backside.

3) Camera

Apple had a few of the finest cameras in any mobile phones, and last year’s iPhone 7 Plus was the same. And the inner enhancements to the iPhone 8’s camera, seem to have kept Apple’s standards but has not pushed them more.

4) Battery Life

What truly is important to most people, is if the iPhone 8 will bring any noticeable improvement in battery life. It has not. And wireless charging is also slow.

Among the very few new upgrades in the iPhone 8 is the addition of inductive charging. It’s not really wireless, although you can now place your iPhone on a Qi charger, such as the ones that Samsung and various other Android phones are able to use, and charge your mobile without the need to connect it in. Yet users complained that it was no quicker than typical charging, and if a phone was positioned a little wrong on a charging pad, it would not charge.

5) Software

This is probably the closest category to call. The iPhone 8 Plus is launched with iOS 11, and due to Apple’s update policy, the iPhone 7 Plus will be updated to iOS 11 also. Common sense dictates that the iPhone 8 is designed to work with the newer software will be better, but Apple’s products are so well optimized that it can take many successive updates before the needs of an iOS update surpass an older iPhone’s means. In real terms, you’re unlikely to notice much difference between the software performance on the iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus. Since the technological differences between the two devices are negligible, this category has to be a tie.


These were the few reasons that why iPhone 7 users should not upgrade to iPhone 8. I advise visitors do the same. The iPhone X may be expensive, but if you need to buy a new Apple phone whenever in the coming year, choose the X, or get the iPhone 7 for a discount. Do not buy the iPhone 8 — it’s not worth the cost. But if you’re still not convinced about not upgrading to an iPhone 8, ask queries below and the best community in mobile phones will happily assist you!

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