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Language command is a valuable skill. Language skill comes in handy in a lot of situations in our lives. Whether it’s a lucrative job post preferring multilingual speakers or a trip to foreign lands, knowing another language comes as an asset. Plus, it gives you an edge in the working market by having an irreplaceable skill. Language learning has become incredibly accessible with mobile language learning apps. Here we short-list some of the best language learning apps to help you in learning a new lingo:

Best Memorizing language learning app – Memrise

Memrise app specializes in helping you learn the vast vocabulary of a language. This is done by the use of different ‘mems’. Mems are simply references to help you remember a new word. They can be in the form of pictures or pictorial art, etc. The next phase is testing, as testing is what truly strengthens newly acquired information. The app is said to be most scientifically proficient language learning app. Memrise is particularly proficient in helping you learn the new vocabulary easily. It doesn’t come as a surprise though as one of the founders of Memrise is a neuroscientist. All of this makes Memrise as a foremost contender in our best language learning apps list.


Busuu language learning app offers interactive language learning through its user-friendly interface. In Busuu, you progress through a series of different levels. The levels start from level 1 which has basic phrases, greetings and beginner level conversational skills. It then progresses to a more challenging learning level subsequently. There are pop-ups for enlisting grammar tips with helpful grammar advice. As part of free program, users get vocabulary, reading and writing exercises. Plus users get goal setting option and an array of interactive exams to test themselves.

FluentU – Youtube of language learning apps

FluentU lets you learn through videos. Videos allow you to see the natives speak their language. This is a lot better than reading text to learn a language pronunciation on your own. The number of videos offered for any language differs. Spanish, for instance has over a thousand videos. The number exceeds to twice as much for Chinese language. The downside is that you are required to pay monthly subscription fee in order to unlock all the great features of the app. Once you are in, a premium account will give you access to all videos offered by FluentU.


Duolingo gives you sentences that fit your level of learning. For example, let’s suppose you have decided to learn Spanish. Duolingo will first familiarize you with a few specific Spanish words. Then, the app will give you a few sentences to see the practical usage of those words. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the sentences, you can proceed to the test. The test requires you to translate the same sentences on your own. In case you get stuck, the app gives you hints and answers to get you going again. The exercises take on a more challenging approach as you progress levels. This enhances your knowledge prowess of a particular language with this amazing language learning app. With some of the most attractive graphics, and a very cool interface, Duolingo makes language learning an incredibly fun activity.

The language learning apps makes language learning a lot more fun and accessible. Here’s to making our Smartphone time more worthwhile and constructive with learning a new skill that is sure to benefit you throughout your life.



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