iPhone 8

There is an abundance of arguments among the smartphone enthusiast about Apple’s 10th anniversary smartphone, iPhone 8. Everyone expects that this next-generation smartphone will arrive with revolutionary modifications. Despite the minor alterations we experienced in the course of past three years, we couldn’t notice any jaw dropping additions; it is fair enough for iPhone enthusiasts to expect a wow-piece.

let’s have a look at the major iPhone 8 leaks.


First things first; the name of the iPhone itself will undergo a notable modification, they say. Chronologically, we expect “iPhone 8” to arrive (as it happened with the previous editions). However, latest rumors say that either “iPhone Edition” or “iPhone X” will be the name of this revolutionary device. Well, the change in the name is completely justifiable as iPhone 8 will be miles ahead of iPhone 7S from many fronts. It will be a revolutionary device compared to all the iPhones we have witnessed so far and hence it deserves a newer name that tells it apart.


Tech enthusiasts have high expectations about a change in the display. Many sources thoroughly believe that iPhone 8 will have a curved AMOLED display (with 5.8” edge-to-edge size) instead of the regular LCD screen. This change will definitely bring a very attractive and cooler appearance to this sophisticated device. Enhanced contrast, always-on (but battery-saving) screen and improved vibrant colors are other notable benefits of this new screen. It is expected that this modification will offer better support for VR and AR technologies. However, none of us have seen a curved screen on any leaked iPhone 8 prototype images.


The appearance of the iPhone 8 will change in order to bring more uniqueness and luxuriousness. The aluminum uni-body will be replaced by a curved glass body; the device will exist as an all-glass smartphone. The glass back of the iPhone 8 will resemble its curved display making it absolutely unique. Compared to iPhone 7, iPhone 8 is expected to be a touch bigger (reading the dimensions of 143.5 mm X 70.9 mm X 7.7 mm). However, the model will be slightly smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus (regardless of the larger screen though).


No one has been able to locate a fingerprint scanner in the backside of the leaked iPhone 8. So, the rumors thoroughly believe that iPhone 8 will have its fingerprint scanner integrated into the front screen. However, none of the sources have confirmed if this attempt succeeded yet.


The camera of the iPhone 8 will surely come as a vertically oriented one with the dual camera lens. There are many sources to confirm that this camera will be compatible with Augmented Reality, enhancing the possibilities. Apart from that, it will be equipped with a 3D camera that supports exciting 3D photography.


iPhone 8 with OLED will arrive in the market only with 64 GB and 256 GB configurations. However, the ones with regular screens might be available in other configurations as well.

Will keep you posted as more developments come in leading up to the launch.





Render image courtesy; https://www.idropnews.com

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