Mobile Camera tips

Anyone can be an amateur photographer in today’s age. All people would need is a smartphone with a few of the latest technology updates and some photography skills. Let’s take a look at ten things you can do to make your next professional or social media profile photo a fantastic one.

Use the right camera

Front cameras might be good news for selfies, but the truth is that most front cameras, even in phones with the latest technology updates, have a lower resolution than back cameras. If you’re serious about taking perfect photos, starting by using the back camera would be a good idea.

Go for the highest resolution

When you first access your phone’s camera, it’s by default. Make sure that you get it up to the highest resolution if it isn’t already to make the most of your phone’s camera. If you follow these Mobile Camera tips your images will surely improve.

Saturate if you have to

Sometimes you will want certain colors to pop or fade into the background in your photographs. All you have to do is lower the saturation if the photo was taken under unflattering lighting, and raise it if you want a color to stand out more.

Use good lighting

Always go for natural lighting as you take your shorts. Nothing usually looks good under fluorescent light.

Substitute zoom as part of Mobile Camera tips

Instead of zooming, try moving closer to your object or if you can’t, simply crop the photo. Both these alternatives don’t lower resolution as zooming does.

Straighten your photos

Photos of people, buildings, and landscapes always look more purposeful when they’re straight, so straighten them in your photos.

Experiment with Photo Editing Apps

Photoshop, VSCO and many others are all there for you if you’re serious about making your photos look great.

Use Third Party Cameras

Third party cameras such as Camera+ on iPhones are great for taking eye-catching shots.


Tapping your phone to focus on your subject instead of focusing on your phone’s auto mode is one way of making everything else fall into the background.

Clean your photo lens

Fingerprints and dirt on phone lenses make for poor photographs. Clean them out and start enjoying the benefits!


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