Nokia 8

2017 has been a good year for Nokia. The Finnish company released a remake of one of its more popular classics, the Nokia 3310, and the Nokia fanatics loved it. The Nokia 8 might not have been as eagerly anticipated as the 3310, but the truth is that’s just because it’s underrated.

Specifics of Nokia 8

The Nokia 8 comes with all the goodies that Nokia is known for and then some. With a 3,090MAh battery and a Gorilla Glass 5 for protection, the Nokia 8 is one smartphone guaranteed to last a few years even in the most eventful camping excursions. The company’s flagship model weighs in at 160g, like most other smartphones, though the fact that it’s a bit shy of 6 inches and only 2.9” in width, makes it easier to hold than others. Nokia 8 has a RAM of 4GB, and a permanent storage capacity of 64GB, expandable to 256GB. It can handle its own with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and has decent speakers, though it can’t play the radio.

Nokia 8 Nokia 8

Pros and Cons

The Nokia 8 has a Gorilla Glass for protection, which is good news for most people. With an Android 7.1.1 OS and a Snapdragon Chipset, it’s also great for users who like multiple running applications at the same time because it doesn’t hang as much. The fingerprint sensor makes it a safe bet for anyone who takes security seriously and the fast-charging, long-lasting battery makes it convenient for long distance use. However, it does have one major flaw: its camera’s not as good as the competition’s.

Granted, Nokia did us a favor by making both the front and back camera 13MP. However, the camera, even with its Zeiss monochrome and color lenses, falls short in quality and resolution when compared to competing models from LG among other phone makers. So, if all you’re interested in is a durable, easy-to-use smartphone, the Nokia 8 might cut it for you. However, if you love your pictures, you’ll be better off with another model.

Nokia 8

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