Old Man’s Journey

Gaming is not about shooting at people or zombies or racing in the streets of California all the time. Sometimes, we play them just to make ourselves feel better, or to challenge ourselves to think. The Old Man’s Journey, available on iTunes for only $5 currently and is one of those iconic games that might be short but leaves you feeling something.

The Story Behind Old Man’s Journey

Old Man’s JourneyThe Old Man’s Journey is an eponymous adventure game that tracks the journey of an old man through lulling hills, gorgeous waterfalls, and clear blue boat-ridden waters. It’s a tale of the hopes and dreams of the man, and a bittersweet look into his past of broken dreams and precious moments.

Throughout the game, gamers will need to alter the landscape to help the old man reach his destination. It’s not easy because you have to get him through waterfalls and other obstacles, but it isn’t exactly hard either. Periodically, the Old Man will sit on a bench and remember a scenario in his life before going on with his journey.

Old Man’s Journey

The Good about Old Man’s Journey

The design of this game is superb, in fact, one of the best. From sweeping villas to azure skies, everything feeds into the slightly dreamy, nostalgic quality of the game. It’s also easy to sympathize and embrace the story of the Old Man with no dialogue, simply because the graphics, the story and the soundtrack blends to communicate more effectively than words can.

There’s really no drawback to this game, apart from the fact that it’s short. If you’re looking for a game that will impact you and leave you feeling fulfilled after completing it, then The Old Man’s Journey will impress and engage you. There’s really no other way to describe it. This is certainly a game not to be missed.

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