Oppo R11 Phone


Okay so at this point it should come to no surprise that Oppo likes to get inspired by Apple a lot. And we mean a lot. The phone runs Android operating system but has a custom Oppo skin on it that makes it seem like your using Apple’s software. This has been the case since the last couple of versions so the fact that Oppo R11 follows in the same way is expected. Therefore, we will be talking about the other features and points about this phone. So that if you are thinking of buying it, you have all the information you need.

Features of Oppo R11

The main attraction of the Oppo R11 is its affordability. That does not mean that it lacks features though. The selling point of the phone is the camera. Which the company boats, is 20 Megapixels. The rear one isn’t to bad either with 16 Megapixels and an extra 20 megapixels one.  It does indeed have a dual camera setup like some of the leading flagship phones. So certainly, this phone has a lot of megapixels combined over its three cameras. The picture quality of the selfies one is equivalent to what you get from a Samsung or iPhone even with the extra pixels. As we know that image quality is different from megapixels. The rear one gives a nice depth of field effect similar to the iPhone 7 Plus models.

The Battery life is also something quite good. It lasts around 15 hours which is better than the iPhone 7’s 12 hours. However, it is not a as good as the OnePlus 5 which is also made by the same parent company as Oppo. The OnePlus 5 lasts a good 17 hours, the longest by any current flagship phone.

The screen is large at 5.5 inches and the pixel density is also very good. However, brightness is an issue with this phone. Its fine on most occasions but if its sunny outside you can forget about using it. The colors are good and vibrant.

Oppo R11

Software of the Oppo R11

This is one area where the phone takes a beating. Its attempt to look like an iPhone has some major issues. It’s just not as good as the iOS platform. I don’t understand why they felt the need to do this. Why not just run a standard Android system on it? Android is a great platform along with iOS. However, this hybrid version lacks features from both.


To be fair it’s a great deal for what you’re getting. The phone’s camera is very good and when you factor in the price of it, it starts looking even better. The build quality is solid and its looks premium. The design resembles Apple a bit. However, to be fair, almost all flagship phones look very similar except the new upcoming ones. So, the physical design resemblance isn’t an issue. I just wish they had not used the iOS type operating system on this and instead used the standard android platform. Then this phone could really stand out on its own and carve its own identity.

Another thing to consider is the OnePlus 5 which is similarly priced, has a better battery and has a strong branding. I guess if you don’t really care to have something that’s unique and want an excellent camera. Then this phone could be it for you.


Images; http://www.gsmarena.com/

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