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Swelling batteries are common and easy to spot, at least most of the time. You know you have one when the back of your phone starts popping off or refusing to settle onto the battery because the latter has increased in size. Tech news sites advise that you dispose of a swollen battery as soon as you can for two reasons. The first is that the battery may explode if you continue to use it. Reason number two is that a swollen battery, particularly if it’s tampered with, is a chemical hazard both to its owners and those around them. The moment you notice that your phone battery has started to expand, take the measures below.

1. Turn off Your Phone

The more you use your phone, the more it produces heat, and the more likely the battery is to explode. Switching your phone off is, therefore, one good way to prevent an explosion. Another point to note is that you should never, ever continue charging a phone once you notice a swollen battery.

2. Remove the phone battery

After turning off your phone, carefully remove the battery from your phone. Cover your hands with flame retardant or flame proof clothing if you have some. Remove the battery slowly to avoid compromising or puncturing the outer casing because a chemical reaction with air at this point would be bad news for you.

3. Store it

Swollen batteries can’t go straight into the dump. They’re toxic and could hurt both people and the environment when their casings break. After removing the battery, wrap it in a flame retardant material and store it in a cool and dry place where it isn’t a danger to anyone.

4. Take it to an Authorized Recycling and Collection Center

If you know a local collection center such as Best Buy, take the battery there. If you don’t, use one of the tech news sites that helps you locate one such as Call2Recycle and make your way there. It’s the simple and safe thing to do.


Image Reference ; PhoneDoc

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