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My previous ideal mate is standing right following to me. We have not spoken in far more than eight months. Nicely about a ten years of friendship was wrecked by a person careless letter. He is below now simply because he desires anything. He usually needs a thing. This time he’s demanding a one coconut.

If this were an older Animal Crossing recreation I would equip my butterfly internet and accidentally-on-goal bonk him on the head until finally he dropped his mood. Perhaps if I could interact in some antisocial action to express my shock and disappointment, or at the very least get it out of my method, we would have created up by now. But Pocket Camp, with its laser target on household furniture assortment, leaf tickets, and creating Gulliver go improper, is bereft of the regular Animal Crossing expressions of vengeance.

I indicate, as well as remaining unable to “unintentionally” bonk Octavian on his irritating head, I am not equipped to plant hundreds of trees outside the house his house, hoping to lure him in an impromptu forest. I are not able to shun him until finally he leaves city. There are no tailor made floor tiles which I can redesign to say “GO Absent” and then use them to pave a pathway to his front door. And, without the need of a letter-producing facility, I can not even send out rude-but-correctly-spelled missives. The latter is a particular sore issue provided Octavian’s possess letter – a VALENTINE if you can believe it – is what started off this argument in the initial position.

This is what happened:


In February Animal Crossing Pocket Camp gave just about every participant 1 piece of finest good friend sweet with the instruction to give it to our favourite villager. I picked my bestie Octavian. Of course I did! I love Octavian and his frowny pink facial area! Octavian responded with a letter.

“To Pip,” wrote Octavian.

To? Why not “Dear Pip”, Octavian?

“My… buddy,” he ongoing.

Oh wow. That’s a brutal ellipsis. All these several years and you can scarcely choke out the term “friend”?

“I’m nonetheless not absolutely sure why you have decided to force your friendship on me,” he reported.

YOU Actually MOVED INTO MY City AND Received ME TO DO Matters FOR YOU!

“But…” he ongoing.

…But? …But! He’s likely to keep in mind the very good moments! It’s possible all the midnight chats we’ve experienced, or the fish I have caught for him, or the flying saucer I designed him which basically hovers!

“It has not been all negative.”

You’re kidding. Is this negging? Am I being negged by a cartoon octopus?

“Thanks for a several great recollections.”

That’s it? Just after all the things we’ve been through? Perfectly, you know what, Octavian? You are a toxic friend.

Do you know what other individuals obtained advised by their best friends on Animal Crossing Valentine’s? They got “You are the sunshine to my darkness, the rain to my drought, the coming of spring to my wintertime”. They acquired “Here’s to expending quite a few more amazing days collectively”. They bought “Every single working day we commit jointly is extra exciting than the very last!” And this is why I have used the finest aspect of a calendar year finding very little means to circumvent Pocket Camp’s aggressive niceness and convey my outrage in direction of this poisonous previous bestie.

The most clear outlet for this grudge is refusing to invite Octavian to my campsite (the game’s main hub of action). He is also not allowed in the cabin (the more compact collecting place). Properly. His physique isn’t authorized. Sometimes I exhibit his minor portrait. I was taking into consideration making an attempt to dump the portrait by providing it to the scatterbrained seagull, Gulliver for him to promote on one of his voyages but a) Gulliver’s rework implies Gulliver is not able to trade objects sensibly for the time remaining, and b) it felt as well last. I signify, I’m Offended but I like to entertain the chance of a reunion (soon after a appropriate amount of money of grovelling on bended tentacle from him). Oh. Also c) having the portrait implies I can surround it with flowers and sombre decor and fake to keep an Octavian memorial company in the hopes that he will hear about it and get sad.

But the act of pettiness I am most entertained by plays out in the merchandise requests menu. Octavian is hanging out in the tropical island area. I won’t be able to prevent him. The video game will not allow me. I can see that he wants a coconut. I can not halt him from doing that both. The coconuts mature on a tree in the tropical island location, mere feet from where he and I are standing. I could, in theory, go and select one particular up and move it alongside to him, staying the even larger human being and attaining a smattering of craft methods for my issues.


I am not the more substantial person.

What I do is seize a coconut and stand with my back to Octavian. I open up the activity map and connect with on Pete the pelican postal worker. Pete is offered to deliver asked for objects to villagers so you never have to trudge to their true site if you want to satisfy their whims. I stand as near to Octavian as the game will allow for and then summon the pelican to go out of his way to supply this coconut to Octavian instead of handing it in excess of.

Each time I do this I am DELIGHTED by how passive aggressive it is. It is really the Pocket Camp equal of sitting at the desk with a sibling you might be now not talking to and expressing loudly to the other diners “CAN YOU Ask OCTAVIAN IF HE Needs THIS COCONUT?”

I have questioned about ending the feud just to make existence a little bit more simple but, in a game designed all around regime, this drip drip drip of vengeance has turn out to be component of the material of Pocket Camp for me. Just as I collect day-to-day login bonuses I seem for ways to mildly inconvenience Octavian. And so it should continue on for the relaxation of time. Or until finally Pocket Camp introduces a unique “Octopus Grovelling to People Who Have Been Wronged By Mentioned Octopus” function.

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