Pokémon Go Players in Greek Island: No Spawns in 7 Months

Pokémon Go gamers in a Greek island have turned to the cellular game’s world wide local community for assist, as it has been about seven months since the previous Pokémon spawned in the spot.

In a write-up on The Silph Road sub-Reddit, a resident of Salamina, the major island in Greece’s Saronic Gulf and 10 miles off the coastline of Athens, pleaded for aid in finding developer Niantic Labs to pay attention to the plight of the Pokémon Go players who he signifies.

Pokémon Go makes use of mapping details presented by Open Avenue Maps, an open-resource provider that anybody can edit. Sad to say, this implies that there could be some inaccuracies, and for the gamers of Salamina, OSM is the root of all their difficulties.

The Redditor, who goes by the identify Giannhsblazer, explained that the whole Saronic Gulf was tagged as “natural=bay,” including the islands of Salamina, Aegina, Agistri, and Poros. This told Niantic’s servers to stop spawning Pokémon in the location, as it is supposedly submerged in h2o.

OSM has considering the fact that changed the tags for the inhabited islands, but Niantic has not up-to-date Pokémon Go to search at the fastened edition.

Pokémon Go, tauntingly, continue to will work in Salamina and the three other islands. In accordance to Giannhsblazer, the hundreds of PokéStops on the island are however there, but the only way to test to get Pokémon to spawn in their area is to shell out for lures and incense. In the meantime, the only thing that gamers have been in a position to do in the sport is to combat Raid bosses, as the main knowledge of catching Pokémon has been taken away from them.

“Our experiences to Niantic have gone either unanswered or replied to with typical responses this sort of as ‘Go play somewhere else’, ‘Visit a position with extra PokéStops’, or even the ridiculous reply of ‘Check if your cellular knowledge/GPS is active’,” a Salamina player explained to Eurogamer.

“This is actually our remaining shot right before completely offering up on the match.”

Niantic has not responded to the problem, and it is unclear if they will pull in the newest OSM model to revive the Pokémon Go community of Salamina. A single recommendation to test to fix the difficulty, in case it will choose a when for the OSM update, is to location a entice on all the PokéStops of the island while waiting around for a permanent alternative.



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