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Radiation City is the long-awaited sequel to the adventure survival game Radiation Island. It’s a one-person game that dares its users to survive through deadly attacks from zombies, vicious wolves and even human conditions like thirst and hunger. As a gaming news website, we thought we’d take you step by step through this latest release by Atypical Games.

What you can expect

Radiation City

If you’re a fan of making it through even with the worst odds, then this is the game for you. The first level begins with you out in a field. It’s not clear what you’re supposed to be doing until you experience your first zombie attack. Or maybe even a wolf attack. And make no mistake, those attacks are vicious and sudden, so get ready to work for your existence with this game. Over time, you’ll be able to move around in a car, and scavenge around for food, drinks, ammunition and weapons- all of them in limited supply, and even more challenging, with limited space in your inventory. It’s literally a game that makes you think like a survivor.

The Good in Radiation City

Radiation City

Radiation City, which runs on any iPhone but best on one with an iOS 9.0, feels a lot like real life. The fact that everything is limited (including your life span), and the fights are grueling, just adds to the triumph of each achievement. The game also has an excellent scope, even more than that of its island predecessor. Any gaming news website would recommend it save for some of the quirks below.

The Bad in Radiation City

Radiation City

Radiation City’s graphics are fantastic when you’re on in the wild. Step into a building to get some supplies though, and you get second-rate, blurry effects. It’s also clumsy to operate your player, especially over long distances. For instance, sometimes the game gets stuck in drive mode, and you lose all your unsaved data trying to get out of it. We hope that the developers can fix these with future updates.

In conclusion, you’ll probably like Radiation City if you’re all about adventure survivalist tales. However, if you’re into something more simple, it might not cut it for you.

Radiation City

Radiation City

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