Rainbow Six Siege Cheat Maker Brags Earnings, Gets Sued by Ubisoft

Ubisoft filed a lawsuit from Rainbow Six: Siege cheat maker MizuSoft, about a thirty day period soon after the underage hacker powering its operations bragged about his earnings in an interview with the BBC.

The Dutch hacker, who goes by the take care of JVL, advised the BBC that he is equipped to make up to 1,500 lbs for each week in selling Rainbow 6: Siege cheats on the net. JVL also claimed that some players in the “top, top rated ranks” are utilizing MizuSoft’s dishonest computer software, even in “proper tournaments” in some cases.

JVL said in the interview that “if Ubisoft decides to arrive following you for copyright infringement, you are in for a rough time.” It now appears that he jinxed himself, as the Rainbow Six developer has submitted a lawsuit in the Central District of California in opposition to MizuSoft.

The lawsuit addresses MizuSoft’s only item, which is named Budget Version Rainbow 6: Siege Cheat, and also entails JVL’s mom, Sandra Rijken, who allegedly collected, processed, and transmitted the proceeds from the cheating software’s sales by means of her possess company, Merely San Internet Design and style. The software package was bought as a membership for about $13 per day or about $77 for every month.

Finances Edition Rainbow 6: Siege Cheat granted players qualities these as improved area of vision, highlighted enemies even by means of walls, merchandise location, recoil mitigation, and capturing as a result of objects, which gives them an unfair edge over their opponents.

The lawsuit also focuses on MizuSoft’s declare that its item bypasses Ubisoft’s anti-cheating application, which stops its consumers from getting banned. The developer claimed that it has invested significant quantities of dollars and time to test to remedy the hurt prompted by MizuSoft, so it is inquiring the court docket utmost damages of $25,000 for each violation and the shutdown of the cheat maker’s operations.

Ubisoft has apparently by now succeeded with a single of its needs, as the MizuSoft website is previously down. It remains to be seen what takes place to JVL, while the case should provide as an additional warning to cheat-makers not just of Rainbow 6: Siege, but for all other video games.

Ubisoft not long ago revealed that it has delayed a few AAA game titles, specifically Gods & Monsters, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Look at Pet dogs Legion, just after understanding its lesson from the shortcomings of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


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