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Phones are a big part of our everyday lives. As tech news sites put it, smartphones are in fact the most common gadgets in any home today. Are you tired of your phone, or maybe thinking of upgrading to a newer model and not sure how to dispose of your current one? If you are, here are a few ways you should think of dealing with it.

Get it ready for disposal

When you want to throw out an old phone, you need to remove your SIM card and SD from it. Additionally, take off any covers or add-ons you put on it. If you want to donate or give the phone to another person, formatting it is also a good idea. You can do this by going to your Settings, hitting the About Phone option and choosing to restore it to its factory settings.

Donate it

Numerous charity organizations have mobile phone company partners that can help when people donate their still-in-good-condition phones. After you donate the phone, the organizations will recycle and sell it for fundraising.

Pass it on

Whether you want a new phone because you’re heading to college or as a symbol, your loss can be another person’s gain. Pass your phone along to your younger siblings or the fourth grader next door.

Recycle it

Many collection companies such as Best Buy as well as phone manufacturers like Motorola and Nokia recycle old phones. You can have yours recycled if it’s too damaged to pass along or to donate to a charitable firm.

Sell it

If your phone is still in good condition before disposal, you could get a good price for it on eBay. Some models go for over $100, particularly if they’re recent models.

Closing tip: never try to destroy the battery before disposal. The tech experts are right when they stated that it’s bad for you and bad for the environment. You can read how to safety dispose of your old phone battery here.

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