The most attractive part of Splatoon 2 is its visual appeal. The whole part of splattering your enemies and the ground in your team’s colour is a distinct kind of fun. Controlling the ground is important not only for getting a good score; you can move faster in your own territory, make strategies to counter and defeat your opponent, and set up areas to get covered in the ink and refill your ammunition. Your awareness of the terrain, ability to manage ink and the knowledge of your opposition’s plans can decide your fate.


The Salmon mode

The single player is involved with Octoling enemies, which is fun. But the new Salmon mode is hilarious. It groups you in a team of three other members where you have to fight three timed waves of enemies while at the same time collecting golden eggs from boss creatures and putting them in a basket.

SplatoonSalmon run makes use of Splatoon’s ink and technicalities of the arena to make you focus on splatting the fish as well as keep control of the ground when your enemies make every effort to stop your advancement.

The most interesting enemies you face in the horde mode are Boss Salmonids.

They use trash as their weapons and fire ink from the top of a tower of pans and pots. It’s fun fighting them and the joy one gets after making them ineffective in inexplicable.


The level of difficulty

If you are playing locally, you can set the level of difficulty. Whereas, Splatoonplaying online does not let you do that. The task becomes all the more challenging in the online game because of things being pretty random. You are given one weapon out of four random ones to use in every wave. You have to adapt to your role, according to the weapon assigned. Agree or not, playing online is far more nerve testing and a lot more exciting.

How it is different from Splatoon 1

Splatoon 2 exhibits different graphics. The animations are more complex. The colours and shadows appear more often. The most important change is that Splatoon 2’s campaign allows you use each of the four types of weapons. You get to discover the potential of the weapons and can play back the levels you have already won to find out new challenges according to the weapon you are using.


The new weaponry included in Splatoon 2 adds more thrill to the game. There is a range of new ink-throwing weapons with different functions you can choose from. One of them is the fast and furious ink brush that coats the ground fast. Another is Slosher that makes a pernicious weapon out of an ink bucket. My personal favourite is the Dualies. They are pistol like weapons that fire like crazy and also help you dodge-roll while attacking enemies and throw a concentrated flow of ink.

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