Stanford Researchers Publish AI Index 2019 Report


The Stanford College Human-Centered Synthetic Intelligence Institute printed its AI Index 2019 Report. The 2019 report tracks three occasions the range of datasets as the previous year’s report and incorporates nearly 300 webpages of information and graphs similar to a number of aspects of AI, which include exploration, technological overall performance, schooling, and societal criteria.

The report is the end result of an exertion led by the Institute’s AI Index Steering Committee, a group of scientists and market industry experts chaired by AI21Labs co-founder Yoav Shoham. This is the report’s third year, and it consists of updates of preceding metrics as perfectly as new kinds. In addition to the report, the committee has released two world wide web-primarily based tools: the World wide AI Vibrancy Tool for comparing knowledge across nations, and the arXiv Observe for exploring pre-print exploration papers to keep track of technological metrics.  According to the Committee’s net web page, the Index’s mission is:


to provide impartial, arduous, and thorough knowledge for policymakers, researchers, journalists, executives, and the basic general public to develop a further understanding of the sophisticated discipline of AI.


The report includes information from dozens of resources categorized into nine wide places:

    • Analysis and Advancement –  number of publications, citations, adoption of computer software libraries


    • Conferences – meeting attendance, subjects, milestones attained


    • Specialized Overall performance – progress in AI responsibilities this kind of as pc eyesight and natural language processing


    • The Overall economy – jobs, expense, company activity


    • Training – trends in coaching packages, personal computer science curricula, PhD candidates


    • Autonomous Methods – autonomous motor vehicles (AV’s) and autonomous weapons (AW’s)


    • Community Notion – communication and perception of AI use by banks, governments, and firms


    • Societal Factors – ethical problems


    • Countrywide Procedures and World AI Vibrancy – official strategy files of nationwide governments


International AI Startup Funding (Picture Supply: Stanford HAI AI Index Report)

Because of the huge total of information contained in the report, the Committee has released two world wide web applications for exploring and interacting with various of the metrics. The World-wide AI Vibrancy Resource allows end users to compare about two dozen international locations along a few of the dimensions: exploration and improvement, overall economy, and inclusion. The device imports live knowledge right from the sources utilized in the report, and it will allow consumers to interactively drill into an specific country’s metrics or modify the weights of the knowledge to produce a tailor made composite index rating. The arXiv Watch indexes AI-similar papers from the popular pre-print repository, and permits consumers to look for by arXiv group, author, and specific AI research subjects these as ImageNet or MNIST.

Customers on Reddit called individual notice to 1 of the report’s conclusions about efficiency enhancements in machine discovering:


In a 12 months-and-a-50 percent, the time expected to train a big image classification process on cloud infrastructure has fallen from about 3 hours in Oct 2017 to about 88 seconds in July 2019… Prior to 2012, AI results intently tracked Moore’s Regulation, with compute doubling every single two a long time. Put up-2012, compute has been doubling every 3.4 months.


The report document is readily available on the HAI site. The raw details employed to create the report as perfectly as significant-resolution graphic information of the figures from the report are accessible on Google Drive. The report is licensed less than the Innovative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4. International license.


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