Friday, March 31, 2023
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Q&A on the Book Building Digital Experience Platforms

  Key Takeaways Digital Experience Platforms are integrated set of web technologies that can be used to provide holistic and engaging user experience.   ...

Q&A on the Book Rebooting AI

  Key Takeaways Any account in the media of some AI method that is possibly very fired up or pretty terrified is probable to...

Q&A on the Book Team Topologies

  Key Takeaways Static team structures are no longer enough for software delivery success   The Team Topologies book is intended for a wide...

Q&A on the Book Thinking Remote

  Key Takeaways Design your digital workspace to support your workflow and your team’s particular communication needs.   Identify what team members need to...

Author Q&A on the Book Software Estimation Without Guessing

  Key Takeaways Estimates can and should be made for different purposes - there is a difference between, for instance, estimating the likely cost...

Q&A on the Book Real-World Bug Hunting

  Critical Takeaways Serious-Entire world Bug Looking was created with beginner hackers in brain.   Ethical hacking, as it applies to laptop safety, is...

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