Monday, January 30, 2023
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Blazor Makes Its Way Into Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

  Formally announced at the "Focus on Blazor" .Net Conf, Blazor's Cell Bindings are a new experimental challenge aimed to enable cross-system mobile application growth...

A Proposal for IDisposable and Static Analysis

  When .Internet was first made, there was uncertainty about how IDisposable really should be made use of. As a end result, IDisposable was applied...

Introducing Microsoft.Data.SqlClient

  Continuing the hard work to decouple Microsoft products from .Internet Main alone, Microsoft is spinning off their SQL Server drivers into a independent deployment...

F# 4.7 Enables Preview of New Language Features and Relaxes Syntax

  The newest release of F# introduces a new LangVersion configuration alternative which can make it possible to pick which language model you would like...

Navigating the .NET Ecosystem

  Essential Takeaways In late 2020, we can assume .Internet 5, which will unify all .NETs.   Effectiveness is a precedence when taking into...

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