The Legend of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel III Review – A Satisfying Class Reunion


The Trails of Cold Metal franchise carries on to impress me. Irrespective of whether it’s in the depth added to its amazing flip-based mostly struggle program or the intriguing revelations tucked into its sprawling storyline, Nihon Falcom keeps getting the collection in enjoyable directions. The way the developer has designed up a significant entire world and its political tensions is intriguing, referencing situations that took place way back again in the Trails in the Sky arc. Observing how all this background and lore unfolds has been an fascinating element of the journey. Supporters are regularly handled to callbacks and character reunions that truly feel like rewards for the very long financial investment. While the narrative is unquestionably a significant attract, Trails of Cold Steel III is also a sound RPG by way of and by way of, especially if you yearn for anything with a traditional truly feel and contemporary sensibilities.

As the third entry in this four-video game arc, Trails of Cold Metal III sets the stage for the grand finale. Alternatively of narrowing the focus or dialing again, Nihon Falcom goes all-out, introducing tons of new figures and retaining acquainted faces. The story picks up about a calendar year and a 50 percent considering the fact that the very last entry’s civil war. Protagonist Rean has due to the fact graduated and come to be a professor at a new department of Thors Academy, 1 reserved for the outcasts and misfits. After escalating extremely shut to the solid of the earlier video games (never fret you will see them plenty), I was anxious about how I’d consider to a new class, but the fresh faces provide a large amount of interesting dimensions to the plot. For occasion, gunner Juna previously worked at the Crossbell police academy, supplying a additional own standpoint on how political activities afflicted that location.

I grew to appreciate most of the new learners, but not all are excellent. Musse is just terrible her key shtick is constantly hitting on Rean, which is overplayed and will get grating speedy. The coolest scenes in the tale are the reunions with common figures from earlier games. All people reenters Rean’s lifestyle in an fascinating or shocking fashion, creating these times experience tremendous gratifying if you have been following the expansive plot by means of various games. If you have not, there is a backstory glossary that catches you up on anything from essential figures to specific summaries that break down each individual recreation. You can certainly get by making use of this, but this story is most effective experienced acquiring performed the prior two entries.

Trails of Cold Steel is material to retain its school-12 months construction, allowing you to information the new Class VII on industry assignments and socialize with them in your off time. The social things continue being a emphasize, and this entry presents numerous chances to dangle out with your new students or former classmates. You even have a camp the place you can capture up, unearthing further information or opening new aspect quests. But in some cases you have way too significantly downtime, and the university factors come to feel drawn out, making busywork in advance of you get to the superior things. Just like former entries, this installment is large and sluggish-burning. I like how this builds up the interactions and globe, but bloated dialogue segments and chore-like fetch quests examination my tolerance.

The turn-primarily based fight procedure continues to be one of my favorites in latest yrs because of to its lots of selections. You are pressured to use your head instead of spamming assaults and specials. While the program is even now centered on enemy weaknesses, character placement, and timing, Nihon Falcom introduced some new things to preserve you on your toes. A break gauge brings about enemies to cease all steps for a turn with lowered defenses. I loved conserving all my specials for this instant so they’d pack an even greater punch, as looking at the substantial destruction incorporate up is particularly fulfilling. An additional new addition is Brave Order, which will allow you to activate tide-switching benefits, such as reflecting problems or having 50 percent-harm. Employing them into my approach quickly turned a new wrinkle to conquer manager battles. You can also now conduct a “Burst” with two linked figures, which multiples crack harm by 10. All of these new mechanics engage in off each and every other wonderfully, and combining them at the proper occasions is a recipe for devastation. They make you sense effective, and the gratification from crafting clever techniques is really hard to top.

Even though I love the combat, the dungeons stand to be improved. For a very good portion of the sport, you revisit and run by way of trials in a bland follow dungeon. Outside the house of battles, you discover switches and crawl by way of ducts to access distinctive locations, with the latter staying specifically overdone, together with the commentary about remaining equipped to see up the girls’ skirts each time you enter one. The dungeon style is basically uninspired all the flooring have a sterile sense, with only differing colour strategies providing them any defining functions. You also struggle in other locations this sort of as forests, caves, and ruins, but they are fairly generic.

Trails of Chilly Steel III’s strengths outweigh its weaknesses. Although the story takes its sweet time to unfold, it features a great deal of surprising outcomes. I will not spoil anything at all, but I will say that factors just hold heating up and I just can’t wait around to see what is forward. There is a thing distinctive about adhering to figures for so prolonged throughout many game titles – that attachment makes these journeys make any difference so a lot a lot more. I just hope the next entry addresses the more obvious flaws, due to the fact there’s too considerably very good listed here for it to be bogged down by a couple difficulty parts.

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