The official Xbox onesie is back, and this time it's available in the UK •


“Go away strangers beside them selves with envy”.

Don’t forget the halcyon times of 2016 when (quickly does a Google) No Man’s Sky came out and One particular Route introduced its hiatus? Do you also keep in mind Microsoft’s questionable fashion foray, the official Xbox hooded onesie? Effectively it can be back again and this time it’s heading to the United kingdom.

The authentic model of the Xbox hooded onesie (which I was to begin with going to shorten to ‘honsie’ until I uncovered what a honsie was) featured significant pockets in which to retailer your formal Xbox A person controller/telephone/toast, “forearm grips”, and an oversized hood, presumably for concealing your identification though in the presence of judgemental peers.

It arrived it black and white variants, and did, I’ll admit, look astonishing cozy. Sadly, it was only out there for purchase in Australia, indicating that the privilege of putting on one particular when in the midst of a horrifying popcorn incident was only out there to our upside-down good friends.

The very irresponsible first Xbox onesie.

Now nevertheless, just in time for Christmas, Microsoft has announced the hoodie’s return, and Uk kinds can eventually get in on the fashion action much too. Ultra-massive pockets are again (despite the fact that I am not also absolutely sure about the “forearm grips”) and the outsized hood has now been presented a pleasant eco-friendly trim, which correctly manages to be the two on-model and a bit festive, giving wearers the distinctive air of Problem-Anneka-meets-company-elf.

And its contemporary new seem for 2019.

This new minimal-edition iteration of Microsoft’s consolation garment, which it moderately describes as a “daring vogue piece”, is officially titled the Xbox Hooded Union Go well with and charges £64.99. It may well also price you your dignity, but it isn’t going to mention that on the web-site.

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