2017 is definitely an amazing year for gamers as top class games were released and the rest of the year promise to bring you more epic games. So, what are the games you should not miss this 2017? Here’s a list of the best upcoming top 10 so far:


10Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

This game will put you in Billie Lurk’s shoes. He is Daud’s second-in-command and the same master assassin you play in Dishonored 1’s expansion. Once again, she teames up with Daud, who is her boss and mentor, to hunt “The Outsider”. The most elusive person that gave Corvo, Emily Kaldwin, Daud, and Billie their powers.

9Agents of Mayhem

Volition, the superstar developer of Saints Row series, is developing Agents of Mayhem, which is a Saints Row spinoff. It will take gamers into an open world with a team of your choice. It allows you to build your team with unique play styles.

8Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Players of its first series, will jump back into B.J Blazkowicz’ boots as he takes on Nazis in 1961’s alternative version. Players can join Blazkowicz in his quest in a post-nuclear New York as he continues to battle through a lot of Panzer-Hund to save the whole world. New abilities and guns await for players to discover.

7Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Are you a Star Wars fan? Battlefront 2 will give you excitement as it features an impressive looking single player campaign in which you play as special forces storm trooper. Who fill out the dying wishes of the Emperor. Its multiplayer mode feature characters, battles, and maps from 3 trilogies.

6The Evil Within II

It’s the ultimate horror game franchise that was crammed full of brutal and gore ways to die. It is set in a psychological and disconnected universe. The only way to escape is to move forward into the darkness, that’s determined to consume you. In The Evil Within II, there is a desperate protagonist and various evil creatures to wrap their claws around you anytime.

5Life is Strange: Before the Storm

It’s the prequel of the famous adventure game that told the photography student’s story who returned to Arcadia Bay, her hometown. It will fill in all the missing pieces of the game and explore the character of Chloe in more depth.

4FIFA 18

Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Real Madrid, set to brace FIFA 18 cover, which is the ultimate football franchise. This game is a must for all football fans. It is packed with new features like real motion technology.

3Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

It’s the sequel of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, a critically-acclaimed and award winning game. It continues the story of Celebrimbor and Talion who will now go behind enemy lines to fight an entire army. Sounds similar but we are hoping for some new features.

2Call of Duty WWII

Set in World War II and looking to be good. Through its new multiplayer gameplay, the zombies are making a huge comeback and there’s also a single-player story mode.

1 Assassin’s Creed: Origins

This game will take you to where no Assassin’s Creed game have done before. That amazing place is going to be ancient Egypt. This game has developed by the team that made Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. With Assassin’s Creed Origins, it will allow you to free roam ancient Egypt. How cool is that !


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