Best Phone Cameras

Camera quality is one of the first factors that buyers look for when they’re shopping around for smartphones. After all, we need fresh photos for our social media profiles and to polish up our amateur and professional photo taking techniques. To make it easier to find the best smartphones for you if cameras are a major concern, we’ve compiled a list on the best phone cameras of 2017.

1Samsung Galaxy S8

This model came in first on our gadget news list because it offers the sharpest, most vibrant photography experience you can hope for. While a 12 MP camera with a f/1.7 lens may not sound impressive, the vivid images that they take do. Additionally, the S8 takes three rapid shots each time you tap your phone. It also uses auto HDR for excellent and hassle-free image capturing under any lights.

2Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone cameras are usually great, but this one made it to this gadget news list because it’s exceptionally so. Not only does it provide a striking contrast between individual colors, but it’s also one of few phones which can take quality, zoomed in photos, courtesy of the phone’s dual-lens camera.

3Google Pixel

Been looking for the best phone camera for a night out on the town? Then Google Pixel’s 12MP, Sony IMX378 sensor-enabled camera. This camera is fast and provides sharp colors, with a laser autofocus option that makes paying attention to detail a breeze even under low lights.

4LG V20

The iPhone 7 Plus is great for zooming, and Google Pixel for poor lighting. The LG V20, on the other hand, takes the most accurate images of still subjects. That is why its on our list of Best Phone Cameras.

5Huawei P9

Huawei uses a Leica dual-lens 12MP camera to take focused photos, with particular attention to the subject or background, depending on what you want. One lens deals with monochromes while the other handles color.


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