background check

Information is power, particularly when that information is about someone you are considering for a job or a date. It’s essential that people know who they are about to share their professional and personal lives with. Access to such information is what offers its clients. Based in San Diego, CA, is a comprehensive background checking web application that gives its users access to their subject’s contact information, criminal history, and even property holdings. The site also comes in handy after getting spooky calls from an unknown number because of its reverse phone call feature.

So, how does work?

We’ll start with the basics

The first thing users should understand about is that it is only a background check or lookup service. That means that using the information gotten from the site for discriminatory purposes, especially in hiring, is illegal. The scond most important thing is that it’s really easy to use and you can find the person you are looking for following their simple steps.

To use, just log onto the firm’s website, enter the first and last name of the person you are looking for and voila, you’ll have access to educational and employment background, criminal history, property information, social media profiles and so much more on your subject.

The site also has a safeguard in case many people share the name of the individual you’re looking for. When it lists the results of the background check, it lists them along with their ages, cities of residence, and known relatives. Listing these details helps differentiate one “Jane Brennan” from the next.

Clicking on the person you’re interested in allows you to read a report on all the information on that person available from public records.

What else you need to know about ?

It’s not a free service. It provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on subjects for a fee. One-time users can use for only $1 per report. Alternatively, they can opt for the monthly membership and enjoy limitless background checks.

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