Wildcard HTTPS Subdomain Configuration with static.fun


ZEIT Now not too long ago launched straightforward deployment to HTTPS-enabled subdomains, and to celebrate this announcement, established the open up-source static.enjoyment support. As explained by the ZEIT team:


Wildcard domains unlock the means to create platforms that scale. With zero-configuration, you happen to be able to provide your customers with a customized space on your host domain. This venture is a enjoyment and easy demonstration of wildcard domains in which you are able to declare a page underneath any subdomain if its obtainable and keep edit legal rights by means of a distinctive session identifier.


The static.enjoyable service combines a selection of solutions to provide a streamlined encounter such as FaunaDB, Twilio Sendgrid, Pusher Channels, Simple Analytics, and Sentry, and leverages TypeScript, React and Upcoming.js for its shopper-aspect JavaScript.

Readers to static.enjoyment can assert a subdomain, and then use an in-browser editor to edit a very simple web-site instantly.

static.fun website

static.fun editor

As the world-wide-web platform encourages greater stability by transferring all sites to use HTTPS, companies like ZEIT Now make it easy for websites to deploy secure web-sites speedily. With Wildcard Domains, ZEIT can make it a lot easier for builders to capture all subdomains on the fly and manage them by a solitary deployment, equivalent to how products and services like Slack make it probable to set up workspaces on subdomains.

ZEIT Now is just one of numerous in a growing wave of companies supplying simple, quick deployment for internet sites. Other company vendors in this house include things like Netlify, Firebase, Surge, Heroku, Amazon AWS, GitHub web pages, Electronic Ocean and several some others.

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