Xiaomi Mi A1

Phone makers have always been good at marketing its Android One models. Typically, people would rush to the market to buy any released models until they realized just how overrated the smartphones were. The first part was the same with the Xiaomi Mi A1. However, the model has since proven itself as what is probably the best made Android One phone to date.

Retailing for $234, Chinese-made Xiaomi Mi A1 is more expensive than other Android One phones. However, after checking out some of its other specifics, it seems like that price is justified.

Specs of Xiaomi Mi A1

At 5.5”, the Xiaomi Mi A1 is easy to hold and handle, which is important in this age when we like to flip our phones around as we walk and talk. This model comes equipped with a fingerprint sensor on the back, sensitive enough to make using it convenient. With a 64GB expandable internal storage, 4GB of RAM and a Nougat OS, the phone is as powerful as other high-end smartphones, just without the exorbitant price tag.

Xiaomi Mi A1

The Good

One of the latest technology updates in the Xiaomi Mi A1 is the Snapdragon 625 CPU. The upgrade makes the phone powerful and able to run multiple applications at once. With the 3,080mAh battery and power saving modes, it can serve you for longer periods. Makes it a go-to phone when you’re going on long trips.

Also, Xiaomi Mi A1 is a Google Android device, meaning that it’s compatible with Google Apps, including Google Play. The Xiaomi Mi A1 also has a decent 12MP primary dual camera, and a 5MP front camera. To top it all off, the phone has Full HD resolution for some unforgettable Netflix experiences.

The Bad

Back fingerprint sensors are a pain to use, and the same goes for the Xiaomi Mi A1. Other than that, it’s great for an Android One smartphone.


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